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That One Time We Made Grinch Drinks....

It's been a few years (actually 6, but who's counting?!?) since we made these but I can promise you it was super fun and my kids were filled with excitement and anticipation!  First, we scoped out a night that How The Grinch Stole Christmas would be on TV.  (Check Freeform  **formerly ABC Family** listings to see when it's available.  It practically plays on 'repeat' this time of year!)  Then, we made sure to grab the necessary ingredients --only 3 items!!  And then, we waited for "THE" night to arrive.

By the way, this is something the kids can definitely help you with and my kids were delighted to be involved!  Look at those sweet faces!!!  

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Ready for the recipe?  Here you go!  Download the FREE printable recipe for future reference!

Grinch Drinks 


  • Green Soda -  Green Apple Flavored is recommended.  (can be cans, bottles, or 2-liter)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Green Sprinkles
    • If you don’t have (or don’t want to buy) green sprinkles, you could easily use sugar with a couple drops of green food coloring.  Stir it up to get all the sugar colored and use this to rim your drink glass instead of actual sprinkles.


Rim your glasses with the green sprinkles (or green sugar).  Pour a small amount of soda into a shallow saucer.  Have a 2nd saucer with the green sprinkles/sugar in it.  Dip the rim of your glass into the saucer with soda and then dip it into the sprinkles/sugar and twist the glass making sure to get coverage around the whole rim of the glass.  *You could also use a lime or lemon wedge if you have one on hand to wet down the rim of your glass if you prefer that over using the soda.

Next, you will want to combine the ice cream and green soda into a large bowl and stir it.  Keep in mind you will want it to have a somewhat frothy texture to it.  A good rule of thumb is to use 1 scoop of ice cream per about 10-12oz of soda.  And feel free to add more ice cream, until you get it to your liking!  Pour into the sprinkle-rimmed glasses and ENJOY while watching the movie!  That's it!  Easy, right?!

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                                                                             ~Pickles and Punch

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