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Meet Karin


Hi!  I’m Karin.  Coffee drinker, vacation lover, Wife/Mom, and “expert" (<— I gave myself that title) wine and whiskey taster.  I started Pickles and Punch after 20+ years as a successful salesperson in a fast-paced environment. It’s my escape – my happy place – where I don’t have to feel the pressure of everyday life. And I hope it becomes your happy place, too!

I’m a person who loves vacations. #VacayAllDay!!  I love planning them, I love being on them (well, obviously), and most of all I love recalling all the memories made with friends and family afterwards. So, as you might imagine, Pickles and Punch is a great way for me to work closer with my family while searching for fun clothes and accessories to share with you. It also gives me the flexibility to be a mama bear first to my high school daughter (who helped me scope out some of the cute clothes you see here), and my soon-to-be-tween son (why can’t they stay little?). 

Naturally, you might notice that all the on-trend designs on Pickles and Punch have one thing in common: getting away from it all… feeling casual, comfortable and carefree – whether you’re doing the everyday grind or you’re at your favorite vacation destination; whether you’re lounging on the beach, tailgating with friends, or going out for a night on the town.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you find something here you love as much as I love vacays (although that might be hard to do)!